Join Us - There is strength in numbers

Atherton Pharmaceuticals Limited
is the largest and longest running pharmacy co-op mini wholesaler in Australia. It has been running for over 30 years and is owned by its Pharmacist members.

Atherton has grown from a group of local like minded pharmacists to having members all over the state. Atherton now has over 90 members who share the benefits.

Our goal is to provide buying opportunities for our member pharmacists, providing pharmacy lines at competitive prices to our member pharmacies.

Atherton Pharmaceuticals is a "not-for-profit" wholesaler that provides unique solutions to our member pharmacies. All profits get distributed back to the members.

Atherton A Class members pay no monthly fees.

If your pharmacy would like to become a member and enjoy the benefits of membership please download our
Application Form.

If your pharmacy is interested in finding out more about joining Atherton Pharmaceuticals and enjoying great discounts on pharmaceuticals please
contact our manager.